Exactly how should LED panel lights be mounted?

What are the usual setup approaches of LED panel lights? Just how should we install LED panel lights?

LED panel light is a high-grade interior lighting light, its outer structure is aluminum anodized, the light source is LED, the entire light style is stunning and also easy, luxurious environment, good lights impact. Exactly how do we set up LED panel lights after selecting them? Right here are three typical installment techniques:

How should LED panel lights be installed?

Method 1: Surface area ceiling installment
1. Fix the ceiling rack on the ceiling or wall surface;
2. Link the power cable (AC/DC power cable) and also put it in position;
3. Take care of the panel light on the ceiling rack;
4. After the panel lamp is put smoothly, it can be powered on for use.

https://www.billionaireled.com/ : Ceiling suspension setup approach
The lifting and also setup approach of cable rope is flexible and suitable for individual decoration plan. The method is as follows:
1. First, deal with the 4 suspension wires of LED panel lights on the ceiling;
2. Link the suspension wire to the LED panel light;
3. Install the driving power cord of the lamp;
4. Draw the steel cord to readjust the elevation of the panel lamp

Method 3: Embedded installment

1. get rid of the ceiling plaster board;
2. Link the power cord;
3. Put the panel lamp on the ceiling clamp;;
4. After the panel lamp is put efficiently, it can be powered on for use.

Setup Precautions:
1. Make certain the power is off prior to installation;
2. Focus on water resistance, electrical energy resistance and also shock resistance;
3. The product will use the typical operating voltage. Do not go beyond the operating voltage range;
4. This item is just for interior usage;

5. Please review the instruction very carefully prior to setting up the product.

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